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Steinfort - a  freedom zone for LGBTIQ+ people


LGBTIQ+ – At first glance, the acronym seems complicated, but it's not! It all started with LGB, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual. It's all about sexual orientation.

Lesbian: A woman who is primarily attracted to women.

Gay: A man who is primarily attracted to men. In English, this word is also used more generally to refer to people who are attracted to the same sex as themselves.               

Bisexual: A person who is attracted to both men and women.

Then the letters T for Transgender and I for Intersex were added:

Transgender: A person who does not feel comfortable with the sex they were born with. These people often try to change their sex by, for example, changing the way they dress. In this case, the person wears clothes that are traditionally considered to belong to the other sex. Taking female or male hormones can also help to achieve a sex change. The most definitive intervention is sex reassignment surgery.

Intersex: A person who has both female and male biological characteristics. For example, a person may be born with both a womb and a penis. In the past, such children were often forcibly operated on. Today, in many places, this practice is considered intrusive and unnecessary for healthy development.

The Q in LGBTIQ+ stands for Queer:

Queer: A collective term for all people who feel differently from others (in terms of sexual orientation and/or gender identity). In fact, most members of the LGBTIQ+ community can be called queer.

We often write LGBTIQ+ or LGBTIQ*. The + or * indicates that there are many more categories that should be included, but we avoid extending the acronym ad infinitum.

Steinfort is a "freedom zone for LGBTIQ people" since 5 August 2021. By signing this resolution, the Municipal Council committed itself to public policies that promote and protect the rights of LGBTIQ people. It also condemns all forms of discrimination in our society.

The rainbow flag in the town hall square is a visible sign of support for and solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community. Everyone is accepted in Steinfort and has the right to feel comfortable here.

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